New York justice is investigating a Republican congressman who “embellished” his CV

New York justice investigates Republican elected congressman s who « spruce up » his CV


New York state justice on Wednesday opened a preliminary investigation into the “staggering inventions” of a newly elected Republican congressman to the US Congress, who admitted to grossly lying on his resume and who is being pressured to resign. /strong> 

George Santos, who won a seat from the Democrats in the Nov. 8 legislative election for the riding of Nassau County — a part of Long Island east of the city of New York — had confessed on Monday to having “embellished his CV”.

“The many inventions and inconsistencies related to the elected parliamentarian (George) Santos are simply astounding”, thundered in a press release relayed by the local New York press the prosecutor for the district of Nassau Anne Donnelly.

This Republican magistrate defended “the people of Nassau and other areas of the third district (who) must enjoy an honest and responsible representative in Congress” in Washington. 

“Nobody is above the law and if a crime has been perpetrated in this county, we will prosecute it”, committed the prosecutor.

Mr. Santos admitted never having worked for the big American banks Goldman Sachs or Citigroup nor having a university degree from New York University (NYU), contrary to what he claimed. 

This son of Brazilian immigrants born in Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City, however categorically brushed aside the idea of ​​giving up the seat he is supposed to occupy from January 3 in the House of Representatives.

He told the New York Post “not to be a criminal”.

These lies about several points in his biography were revealed in December by a New York Times investigation.

Several members of the Democratic Party have called on Republican Opposition Leader Kevin McCarthy to hold a vote to oust Mr. Santos if he refuses to step down.

The State of New York, rather favorable to the Democratic Party and led by the governor of this center-left organization Kathy Hochul, saw several seats in the House of Representatives switch to the Republican side.

The Republican Party will thus benefit from a narrow majority in the lower house of Congress in Washington, but the Democrats will keep their majority in the Senate t.