New York returns cautiously to the life, outbreak of COVID-19 in the South and West of the country

New York revient prudemment à la vie, flambée de cas de COVID-19 dans le Sud et l’Ouest du pays

City the most affected by the coronavirus in the United States, New York has made another step Monday in its release of the containment with the reopening to the public shops non-essential, while several States in the South and the West are experiencing a surge in the number of positive cases.

White hair hidden under a hat, tignasses in suffering, they were many to show up that Monday morning with their hairdresser usual, permitted to reopen for the first time, three months to the day after the beginning of the confinement.

“I cut my hair myself (during confinement) and I really did anything, so I’m looking forward to go there,” said Jeremiah Zinn, senior client of the salon Benny’s Barbershop in Brooklyn.

After the construction and the industries two weeks ago, New York began the second phase of its plan to restart the economy, which has four, with the reopening of shops non-essential.

Outside of Lexington Candy Shop, a ” diner “, a restaurant typical of the 50s, Chet Kane relishes his first coffee on the terrace, because restaurants and bars are now allowed to be used outside, but still not in the room.

New York, which had so far not a great culture of terrace, takes on the allure of paris.

The coronavirus, which has claimed more than 22, 000 deaths in New York, remains in the heads, and the wearers of the masks remain the most numerous in the streets of Manhattan.

“You can’t just say: go, it reopens. It is necessary to respect the people that come to us, ” animates Yury Ybukov, owner of Benny’s Barbershop, who has followed all of his team training in line with health precautions and will let three of its five seats empty. “If a client passes and we called the next day to tell us that he is sick, we’re not going to laugh. “

“A political issue”

Many eyes are watching, these States of the South and West are experiencing a surge in the number of cases of COVID-19, including Florida, Montana, or Oklahoma, which moved Saturday to Donald Trump for a meeting of the campaign.

Even if the total number of daily deaths in the country is in decline and now stands at levels not seen since the end of march, the concern remains as to the resurgence and to the health system’s capacity to cope.

Several governors refused to make the mask mandatory within premises open to the public, and put the acceleration in the number of cases on account of an increase in testing.

The explanation was taken Saturday by Donald Trump during his speech of Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma), during which he suggested to slow down the pace of testing, an idea that the president’s advisers were then called trait of humour.

In Nebraska, republican governor Pete Ricketts has warned that any local authority that would require the wearing of the mask in its premises would be deprived of federal funding to deal with the pandemic.

“The White House has made it a political issue, and States have reopened and forgotten about the numbers and the science “, commented Monday on CNN, the governor of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo. The State of ” New York city has done the exact opposite. We followed the science. “

The city of New York now records less than 100 new cases daily, after having experienced a day to over 6,000 new people with positive at the beginning of April.

So far, the restart of the economy is still embryonic and the signs are permanent and are left with the pandemic in the streets of New York are already visible.

On Monday, they were allowed, dozens of businesses have not reopened in Manhattan, and the shops emptied of their furniture and now vacant, are legion.

“Many of our customers that we were buying flowers every week are gone,” says Sam Karalis, owner of the Windsor Florist, in the upscale neighborhood of the Upper East Side.

“They have houses in the Hamptons “, the côte d’azur in new york, “or elsewhere, to the north of the city, and will not return to without a doubt not before the end of the summer, the better,” he said. “Why would they? “

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