New Zealand : judgment in August for the killer of mosques

Nouvelle-Zélande : jugement en août pour le tueur des mosquées

The judgment of the greatest killing spree of mass of the modern history of New Zealand, which had claimed the lives of 51 people in march, 2019 in two mosques in Christchurch, will be made in August after having been delayed due to the pandemic of coronavirus, a-t-on learned Friday with the court.

The accused, an Australian Brenton Tarrant, had long denied the 51 charges of murder, 40 charges of attempted murder and another charge of committing a terrorist act, before you plead guilty to all the charges against her in march last.

The country was then in confinement in the fight against the pandemic Covid-19, and the victims and their families could not come to court to attend the trial.

The virus is now under control in the island, and the health measures have been eased, which should allow the judgment to be pronounced on 24 August, said the High Court judge Cameron Mander.

“Our courts have returned to a normal operation “, he said according to court documents made public Friday. “The public and especially the victims and their families living in New Zealand may attend the hearings “, according to him.

Three days were provided for the judgment, but ” the hearing will last as much as necessary “, he said.

The accused, a former gym teacher and white supremacist self-proclaimed, shall be liable to life imprisonment.

Mr Mander noted that some people currently abroad had called for a deferral until they can make it in New Zealand, but claims that the border could remain closed for a long time.

“In the meantime, the procedure will continue to be bogged down. This is not a satisfying situation “, he stressed, promising the establishment of video links to enable them to attend the hearing and testify remotely.

Number of victims found the process “exhausting and frustrating” and wish it to end, he explained. “They want the judgment to intervene as quickly as possible “.

“To conclude, and to turn the page is considered by some to be the best way to help the muslim community,” according to him.

Equipped with an arsenal of semi-automatic weapons, Tarrant had opened fire successively in two mosques during Friday prayers, killing 51 people, all muslim, including women and children. It was filmed and broadcast live on Facebook images of the carnage.

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