New Zealand police identify remains of children found dead in suitcases

New Zealand Police have identified the remains of children found dead in suitcases


New Zealand police have identified the remains of the two children found dead in suitcases being auctioned off but their names will not be released at the request of their families, they said on Friday.  

Authorities have decided not to release any information that could reveal the identity of the children, Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua explained.

The Police services continue to investigate the deaths which have shocked New Zealand since the two bodies were found in suitcases two weeks ago.

This gruesome discovery took that a family buys a trailer loaded with loose items from a warehouse.

Police say the children died between the ages of five and ten.

Neo Police -Zealander said that the family behind the discovery is not linked to the deaths of the two children.

On Monday, police in Seoul in South Korea i reported locating a woman believed to be a relative of the two deceased children there.

She arrived in South Korea in 2018 and there is no indication that she has left the territory since then, explained Seoul Police.