New Zealand postpones elections due to the virus

La Nouvelle-Zélande reporte ses élections à cause du virus

The parliamentary elections in New Zealand are deferred for four weeks due to a return of the pandemic coronavirus, announced on Monday the first minister Jacinda Ardern.

The elections, which were scheduled to take place on September 19, were postponed at the 17 October.

“This decision gives all parties time to campaign during the next nine weeks and give the electoral Commission enough time to ensure that an election can be held,” said Ms Ardern.

The first minister of the centre-left was under pressure to postpone the date of elections since the suspension by all parties in their campaigns due to the return of the pandemic recorded last week and whose origin remains unknown.

New Zealand is facing lately to a resumption of the contamination that has led to a new containment of Auckland, the largest city in the country.

Ms Ardern Friday ordered the containment of Auckland until 26 August in order to prevent a second wave of COVID-19.

The first minister has acknowledged that a great anxiety reigned in the country over the return of the virus which has been detected in four people in Auckland last Tuesday. On Sunday, the home spotted in this city, was 49 confirmed cases.

Ms Ardern said she had spent the weekend to consult with the leaders of the political parties and the electoral Commission on the election date.

She said that the postponement meant that all parties would campaign in the same terms and conditions and it will not change the new date of October 17, no matter what the situation.

“I have absolutely no intention to change this,” she insisted.

Ms Ardern is in a very good position in the polls, with a popularity record of some 60 per cent that it owes to its management of the pandemic, the bombing of mosques in Christchurch last year and the volcanic eruption of White Island.

His labour party is in a position to win the elections alone, without the help of small parties, with whom it was in coalition in the legislature, which ends.

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