News anchor surprised viewers “indecent” shirt: photo

During the movement of the journalist to frame the fabric of her dress deformed

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Ведущая новостей удивила зрителей "неприличной" кофточкой: фото

Presenter disgraced because jackets live

TV presenter Toni Street made fun of the audience because of a poorly chosen outfit, in which the journalist went live newscast, according to LADBible.

Attention viewers wrote to Tony, it looks like the chest leading strain. “Poor Tony, it looks bad,” they wrote in social networks, noting that a woman’s breast look saggy.

Later she stated that she wore the stylist, the outfit looked “fantastic” until she had to sit on a chair in front of the camera. “It looked like I had giant Boobs with giant nipples, and I feel I should clarify that it was not my nipples!” she said.

Watch the video like a man “pinched” the buttocks of the leading live

According to the leader, during the movement of the fabric is deformed and created such an illusion. “Today, there are still people who say, “Oh, I hate to point this out, but your nipples are really big and saggy,” No, they’re not mine!” – cut Street. Presenter noted that she was rather flattered by the attention of the audience to her figure.

Earlier “Today” I wrote, as the leading Australian Samantha Heathwood accidentally put on an ordinary broadcast local news outfit that made the audience feel uncomfortable. We also reported that the funny bloopers of journalists gathered in one video.

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