NEWS AT NOON. Campaign for the legislative elections, Joe Biden under pressure, news for your bottles… what to remember

NEWS AT NOON. Campaign for the legislative elections, Joe Biden under pressure, news for your bottles... what to remember

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Find the information selected by Midi Libre this Wednesday July 3, 2024 at midday.

L’info of the day

2024 legislative elections: the campaign continues.We finally know the final candidates for the election while many candidates from the presidential majority or the New Popular Front have withdrawn to block the RN in their constituencies. With 401 duels, 97 triangulars and 2 quadrangulars in perspective, the second round of the legislative elections offers several suspenseful combinations.

While Jordan Bardella wanted to debate against Jean-Luc Mélenchon at all costs, there will ultimately be no debate this Wednesday evening. Jordan Bardella, Gabriel Attal and Marine Tondelier will, however, come to defend their programs against the journalists and editorialists of BFMTV in this evening's political show.

And also

Béryl wreaks havoc. Hurricane Beryl, particularly early, is preparing to hit Jamaica and then the Cayman Islands on Wednesday, July 3, after killing at least seven people and causing considerable destruction in the southeast of the Caribbean. notified the US Hurricane Center (NHC).

Joe Biden under pressure. While Joe Biden has been under pressure since his disastrous debate against Donald Trump, during which he spoke several times inaudibly, Voices are beginning to be heard publicly within the Democrats themselves to ask him to step down.

Teenager beaten up in Mudaison. A 16-year-old from Lunel was beaten up on Saturday June 22 around 3 p.m. nbsp;h 30, chemin de l’Esclafidou in Mudaison, on the sidelines of the village festival. Fortunately, a woman intervened. She testifies for Midi Libre.

Practical info

News on your bottles. From July 3, 2024, the packaging of drinks in plastic bottles will change significantly for all distributor brands. We explain this new obligation which aims to safeguard our environment.

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