News from Slafkovský

News from Slafkovský


Juraj Slafkovsky is currently training hard in Slovakia with the goal of earning a spot with the Montreal Canadiens in October.

This is why he will not take part in the World Junior Championship which will take place in Edmonton in August. Slafkovsky will land in Montreal in mid-August as the team approaches training camp.

This information was relayed on Twitter by Slovak journalist Tomas Prokop on Monday.

The Canadiens' first overall pick in the 2022 draft wants to firm up his chest muscles and improve both his skill and speed in his summer training.

Slafkovsky has also revealed the details of his agreement with defender Chris Wideman, who has kindly given him his number 20. The young power forward will happily agree to sign a jersey for Wideman's son and will take supper the latter.

The first overall picks have often made the jump directly to the NHL in the past, but Slafkovsky could play in the American League in Laval next year despite being 18, because he played in Europe last season.