Neymar : “Why from the PSG ?”, the player declares his love to the Paris club

Neymar : "Pourquoi partir du PSG ?", le joueur déclare son amour au club de Paris

Neymar : “Why from the PSG ?”, the player declares his love to the Paris club

The Stockholm syndrome is he trying to hit Neymar ? Private good output this summer by PSG, the brazilian striker – who only dreamed about FC Barcelona a few months ago, has amazingly confessed to be happy in Paris.

“Why from the PSG ?”

After attempting to flee from PSG this summer in order to find the FC Barcelona, Neymar is currently stuck in Paris until, at least, the next mercato estival. What motivated the attacker to sulk ? Not at all. Where some fans still spend their time to criticize him for his past behavior, the player took the opportunity of an interview given to France Football to recall his motivation for the rest of the season.

After being amused by his recent desire to start with, “Why do you want to from here ? (He gets fed up.) I still have two years of contract“, the brazilian has assured not to be the type to look back : “My priority is the PSG, with maximum involvement each week. The goal is always to win the next game. At each meeting, we must push for the club. This is how I see it.

Above all, he promised, it feels good to be in Paris at the present time : “The real Neymar, he is very quiet, very happy. This is someone who likes a lot to stay with family and friends. I love to enjoy, enjoy all the moments of life with all the world.

Neymar wants to win everything with the club

Of what to reconcile it with his public ? Hard to say. Only certainty, despite the whistles and the criticism against it by its own fans, Neymar has always wanted to win with his current club : “The team continues to make progress. We must stay focused on this season to do things well and win the most titles possible. This season, the goal is the champions League.

And even if there is no doubt that Neymar will try again to leave PSG by 2020, he stated : “Every time I’m on the field, I give 100%.” Well, the small problem is that there is often not on the field. Since his arrival in the capital club, the friend of Mbappé has missed 66 games… on the 135 played by the PSG. However, he has played in The Casa de Papel…

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