NFL: $ 12,500 penalty for Marcus Peters

NFL: $ 12,500 penalty for Marcus Peters

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters was fined $ 12,500 from the NFL for unsportsmanlike conduct after appearing to spit in the back of wide receiver Jarvis Landry on Monday during a game against the Cleveland Browns.

This is what several media reported on Saturday, including ESPN.

The player’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, has indicated on Twitter that they will appeal the sanction. He said Peters didn’t spit on anyone.

The incident, which occurred in the first quarter of the game won 47-42 by the Ravens, created a stir this week in the NFL.

Landry responded Thursday by calling Peters a coward. “To wait until my back is turned to do that?” Do it in the face. Be a man if you want to do something like that, ”said the Browns player.

Later that day, the Ravens player denied that he intentionally spat on Landry. “Where I’m from, when you have a problem with someone you deal with it face to face. Anyone who thinks I intentionally spat on him doesn’t know me, it’s that simple. ”

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