NFL: 25 targets in defense

NFL: 25 targets on defense


The free agent market begins trading today. After portraying the best players available on offense on Saturday, it's time for the defense list. It is on this side of the ball that the best holds are available. 


Tackler | Eagles | 30 years

When he hit the market three years ago, Hargrave was seen as an underrated player who deserved to be known. Since making the jump to Philadelphia, he's become a very dominant tackler. He was the best player on the team against the run, not to mention applying a lot of pressure. Here is one who will become extremely rich…


Linebacker | Bills | 24 years 

He's been in the league for five years already, but he's only 24. He is coming off his best season and has established himself as an important cog in the defense at Buffalo in pass coverage. Yet it was difficult in this regard in its first four seasons. Is this a sign of a linebacker on the rise or is this a year that skews the odds? One thing is certain, Edmunds is an athletic specimen.


Marauder | Bengals | 26 years 

Over the past few years, Bates has risen to the ranks of the top safety players on the circuit. The Cincinnati club will have to hand out generous contract extensions to its offensive stars in the coming months and money could be tighter elsewhere in the roster, even for a stalwart like Bates. There is also his safety partner Vonn Bell who becomes a free agent.


Cornerback | Eagles | 29 years 

After great years with the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants, Bradberry reached another level last season in Philadelphia. It must be said that he was playing the opposite of Darius Slay, which certainly did not hurt. Bradberry didn't sign a big deal a year ago with the Eagles and could be more ravenous this time around. Such opportunities to top up the bank account don't come around often.


Tackling | Broncos | 25 years

Jones has really stood out this season in the the excellent defensive brigade in Denver. Players inside the defensive line who can apply pressure like him are worth their weight in gold. Jones has indeed claimed 138 pressures on the quarterback since 2019, an impressive total for a player who is too little talked about. 


Cornerback | Buccaneers | 26 years

He forms a good tandem in Tampa with Carlton Davis, who receives more attention. Dean is in his prime and brings a physical aspect to his game that may appeal to the market. He's not the cornerback who's going to make the most big plays (seven steals in four seasons), but he's aggressive and generally solid. He won't have to wait long to get rich.


Marauder | Eagles | 25 years 

The Eagles had quite a catch in trading for Gardner-Johnson before last campaign. The safety shined by setting a personal high with six interceptions, even though he missed five games. This is the only question mark in his case, he who has missed 10 games in two years. Otherwise, he has the flair and he has the gift of playing in the head of his rivals with his legendary verbal flights. 


Lineback | Buccaneers | 33  years 

David is one of the long-time proven inside linebackers. Year after year, he is among the league leaders in tackles. He is as durable as he is versatile in his game. Obviously, at 33, he is no longer in his first spring, but in the short term, he is far from finished. He no longer has the speed of his debut, but the instinct is the same.


Marauder | Bills | 31  years

Since 2017, Jordan Poyer has been a key part of the Bills secondary, but it would be amazing to see him back in Buffalo. Troubled by injuries last season, he still managed four interceptions. In recent years, few safeties have been more effective than him in pass coverage. Poyer is a good leader who has the success of his team at heart and who plays despite the injuries.


Linebacker | Rams | 32  years 

Like Lavonte David, Bobby Wagner is not getting any younger, but the veteran linebacker has shown again in 2022, even with a new team, that he can still win. After 10 seasons with the Seahawks, he did well in Los Angeles, with 140 tackles, six sacks and two interceptions. It's hard to believe he could be at his wit's end, but the Rams let him go as they try to rejuvenate themselves.


Defensive end | Cardinals | 25 years

During his four campaigns in Arizona, Allen has not stopped improving. He was deployed both as an inside tackle and as a defensive end at the end of the line. His 5.5 quarterback sacks last season aren't monster production, but he did record a career-high 35 quarterback pressures. This ability to disturb in the trenches will earn him a good contract.


Cornerback | Steelers | 28 years 

After taking a while to really blossom in Pittsburgh, Sutton has established himself as an away starter the past two seasons. According to Pro Football Focus, he allowed just 411 yards last fall, the ninth-lowest total among starters at cornerback. In his early years, he also evolved a lot inside, which gives him several advantages.

13. Marcus Davenport

Defensive end | Saints | 26 years old

Davenport is one of the intriguing players because he is very complete as a defensive end, both in chasing quarterbacks and in stopping the ground game. The big snag in his case is that he's missed 19 games in his five career campaigns so far in New Orleans. There aren't very dominant quarterback fighters available, so Davenport is likely to be coveted regardless.


Lineback | Titans | 26  years

Long is the modern prototype of the inside linebacker who relies above all on his athletic qualities, rather than the monsters of the past who were physically imposing. This does not prevent it from being extremely solid against the run. His very aggressive style means he can sometimes get caught out in certain passing situations, but overall he's a solid linebacker.


Cornerback | Patriots | 29 years old

For the majority of his career, Jones played on the inside before moving outside last season. He started the campaign very well, before experiencing problems afterwards. We should not be surprised to see him return indoors as he approaches his thirties. This is not a disavowal, considering his track record at this more natural position for him.


Defensive end | Browns | 30 years

History repeats itself every year. Clowney finds himself on the free agent market, he signs a short-term contract and the merry-go-round begins again the following year. At this point, Clowney is no longer an elite player in the NFL and injuries continue to haunt him, having not played a full season since 2017. He remains brutal against the run and can still hunt the quarterback.


Cornerback | Vikings | 32 years

In recent years, Peterson seemed to be slowly beginning the inevitable decline, but he was sublime last season, his second in Minnesota. The Vikings secondary was bombed from all directions in 2022 and Peterson would definitely be a welcome return. Not only is he a reassuring veteran, but he can still play with confidence.


Linebacker | Cowboys | 27 years old

After a promising first season in 2018, Vander Esch looked set to become a star linebacker in Dallas. Since then, injuries have slowed him down, but he enjoyed a fine revival in 2022, on the basis of a one-year contract. There are some good linebackers available, who may be less one-dimensional than Vander Esch, but his great season will earn him consideration.


Cornerback | Cardinals | 25 years

After splitting his first three campaigns between inside and outside at cornerback, Murphy established himself on the outside last season, with some interesting results, even though he was limited to nine. ;matches. He is still young and can continue to improve. The Arizona club does not have many quality assets in defense and it would be better to bring Murphy back.


Cornerback | Raiders | 26 years old

Ya-Sin is a cornerback who doesn't shy away from the tough game and does well in man-to-man coverage. Las Vegas appreciated him after acquiring him in a trade last season. He should not be seen as a cornerback who is among the cream, but he still has the makings of a quality starter. It should come as no surprise that he lands a big contract. 

5 other intriguing names

Without necessarily talking about the five other top athletes available, here are five more defensive players who might get some attention


Marauder | 49ers | 31 years

Traditionally used as a safety, he was deployed as an inside cornerback last season. A solid veteran with many strings to his bow.


Tackler | Vikings | 29 years

Quietly, Tomlinson is a pretty solid player against the run and he can also apply the pressure from within. A reliable tackler overall.


Defensive end | 49ers | 25 years

Some would say he only recorded 4.5 sacks last season , but as a rotation player, he applies a lot of pressure. He could surprise in a bigger role.


Linebacker | Eagles | 26 years

Edwards is not the linebacker who flares on the field, but it is effective against ground play and pass coverage. A good player who goes unmentioned.


Cornerback | Ravens | 30 years

The veteran cornerback only had one interception last season, but he repeatedly shown that he can make big plays. He can still play.