NFL: a header falls at the Chargers

NFL: Chargers Head Down


Offenal coordinator Joe Lombardi has paid for the Los Angeles Chargers' recent setbacks. 

On Tuesday, the NFL club announced that the 51-year-old had lost his job. So does quarterbacks coach Shane Day.

The dismissals come three days after the humiliating 31-30 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first round of the playoffs. The California team held a 27-0 lead at one point in the second quarter of this duel.

The Chargers scored only three small points during the second half of their one-night stand. In total, the offense totaled 320 yards and had three touchdowns, although the defense had no less than five turnovers.

In the regular season, the Los Angeles club finished 13th among teams of the NFL in points scored and ninth in yards amassed. However, he finished 30th in rushing yards.

Several league pundits were harshly critical of the Chargers' offensive strategies. Sophomore quarterback Justin Herbert wasn't able to be as successful as he was on his first run in the NFL, despite throwing the ball 699 times. It is the fourth highest total in league history for pass attempts in a season.

Lombardi had been in charge since the 2021 campaign and had previously worked on the coaching staffs of the New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons.