NFL: A little action for Tom Brady before the season

NFL: Some action for Tom Brady before the season


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will have the opportunity to brush off some rust before the official start of the 2022 NFL season, as he will be in uniform to start the last his team's preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium. 

At least that's what Florida's head coach said, Todd Bowles, according to remarks taken up by the daily “Tampa Bay Times” after training with his people on Thursday. He did not, however, specify how many plays or offensive streaks his starting center will make on the lawn.

“Anyone who is healthy will play,” Bowles explained.

< p>“We got together, both the group of coaches and the players, and we made it clear that we want to check certain things. So everyone will be on the field.”

To return to the 45-year-old athlete, he joined his teammates at the start of the week after being absent for “personal reasons” during 11 days.

“He missed 11 days, but he wouldn't have played more in the first two [preparatory] games,” added Bowles. If we take into account his days off, plus the usual days off, he would have only taken part in three additional practices. He is comfortable with everything. We also know his physical conditioning is on point.”

In 2022, Brady will be in his 23rd NFL campaign and his third with the Bucs. He is looking for an eighth Super Bowl ring, his second with Florida.