NFL: Joshua Dobbs is reassuring while waiting for Deshaun Watson

NFL: Joshua Dobbs is reassuring while waiting for Deshaun Watson


Without quarterback Deshaun Watson for most of the regular season, the Cleveland Browns were able to count on a solid performance from Joshua Dobbs for the second straight preseason game.

Dobbs, who is expected to back up Jacoby Brissett for the first 11 games of the season due to Watson's suspension, led the Ohio side's offense in a 21-0 win. 20 against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers completed 14 of 20 throw-ins and 141 passing yards. He also added six points to the board by rushing for three yards in the first quarter.

Young kicker Cade York also impressed by hitting the target from 50 yards. However, he was unable to convert an unexpected 59-yard attempt.

The visitors had started hostilities well before seeing the Browns win. Under the watchful eye of Jalen Hurts, watching the game from the sidelines, Gardner Minshew orchestrated offensive streaks that led to majors on the Eagles' first two possessions.

Minshew was effective before to hand over the reins to Reid Sinnett in the second half, missing just three of his 17 attempts for 142 yards.

Also, the Browns lost three players from their defensive unit in the duel of the day. Martin Emerson Jr., Herb Miller and A.J. Green all fell in action.

The Pennsylvania team lost the services of Josiah Scott, Patrick Johnson, Marvin Wilson and Shaun Bradley, but did not offer any details of the nature or severity of their injury.