NFL: Mathieu Betts still in the sights of the Goodell circuit

NFL: Mathieu Betts still in the crosshairs of the Goodell circuit


Since being released by the Chicago Bears in August 2019, Mathieu Betts has not had the opportunity to flirt with the NFL. In recent weeks, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers have eyed the defensive end.

​“It was something that I had not planned. My agent got the calls because those teams liked my game. I didn't push for that to happen and went very down to earth to those practices. It went really well and I made a good impression,” Betts said in an interview.

So far, the former Rouge et Or has not received any offer. The NFL can currently offer contracts for next season to players like Betts, who have no league ties. 

“I wouldn't say I really gave up on NFLhi, but I didn't wake up thinking about it every morning either. The focus for me has always been to work on being the best player possible to help my team,” he said.

Excellent season

< p>At the end of his brilliant college career with the Rouge et Or, Betts was hired as a free agent by the Bears after the 2019 draft. He was among the last players cut from training camp in August.

He made his debut with the Edmonton Eskimos of the CHL a few weeks later. In 2020, the pandemic deprived him of football and last season was tougher with 12 tackles and no quarterback sacks.

This season, Betts has bounced back amazingly well with the Colombian Lions -Briton with 26 tackles and seven sacks.

“The training I just got with NFL clubs just validates everything I have done in the last few years. I welcome this opportunity with open arms, and whether it ends up working out or not, I see it as a great recognition of my game.

“I have always worked extremely hard and have always put a lot of seriousness into football. I am surrounded by a first-class coaching staff at the Lions and it has brought us to an exceptional level of play, said the 27-year-old athlete.

Happy in Vancouver

In the event that the opportunities obtained do not translate into an NFL contract, Betts will not worry. His contract is still valid next season with the Lions, in the CFL.

“I am really very well in this organization. I love the team and the city of Vancouver. We strongly believed in our chances of winning the Gray Cup last season and we will pick up where we left off,” concluded the man who teaches physical education during the off-season.