NFL player participates in rescue

NFL player participates in rescue


Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert distinguished himself off the field Thursday night, helping with efforts to rescue four people involved in a crash. helicopter. 

As reported by the ESPN network, the aircraft experienced an engine problem and nosedived while approaching Peter-O Airport. -Knight and ended up in the water, near a yacht club. A few minutes later, good Samaritans headed to the scene in watercraft; Gabbert drove one of the two “jet skis”, while his two brothers were located on the other. Police sources said the helicopter pilot and three passengers left the craft unharmed after being taken away by their benefactors.

“They quietly brought us back to the shore, a beach of sand being nearby, and we were able to socialize a little, declared with the chain FOX Sports one of the passengers, Hunter Happ, who was accompanied by his parents. We exchanged pleasantries when we got back. They were a real asset to us because for a while they were the only ones around. We had a handshake and we said a huge thank you.

Gabbert is the assistant pivot behind Tom Brady in Tampa. He hasn't played this season and in his first two campaigns with the “Bucs” he played 10 games, without starting a single one. Previously, it evolved with four other organizations.