NFL: the suspense will continue in Carolina

NFL: The suspense will continue in Carolina


While all eyes were on Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield Saturday at FedEx Field, it was P.J. Walker who stood out at quarterback in the 23-21 win of the Carolina Panthers against the Washington Commanders.

It is not a surprise, however, since the Panthers head coach, Matt Rhule, had already indicated that the second game preparatory of his, against the Patriots of New England, next Friday, would be the duel which would make it possible to elucidate the question on the identity of the pivot starting from his formation at the beginning of the season.

Nonetheless, Darnold and Mayfield each saw some action, with the former completing two of his three stints, including one for a major, for 16 yards, while the latter found a receiver four times out of seven attempts, for 47 yards.

As for him, P.J. Walker correctly targeted a receiver 10 times on 19 tries, for gains of 136 yards.

In the opposing camp, Carson Wentz will undoubtedly silence some of his detractors who criticized him for his lack of consistency and lack of precision since the start of training camp, completing 10 of his 13 stints, however only crossing 74 yards.

Patrick Mahomes is ready

At Soldier Field, Patrick Mahomes hasn't been on the field long, but he has everything even showed that he was ready for the 2022 season in the Kansas City Chiefs' 19-14 loss to the Chicago Bears.

On the field for the first offensive sequence of the his own, Mahomes had six of his seven passes for 60 yards. He capped off that streak with a five-yard pass to Blake Bell for the major.

In winning camp, starting center Justin Fields, who will be in his second year in the NFL, also was used very little, completing four of his seven stints for 48 yards.

It was instead Trevor Siemian who led the charge for the Illinois squad. Two of the seven stints he completed, out of 13 tries, ended up in the opposing end zone.