NHL 2022-2023: MacKinnon, McDavid or Matthews: the choice is yours



If you're going with Nathan MacKinnon as the NHL's Most Valuable Player, it makes sense. If you're going for Connor McDavid, he's probably a fitting choice. If you go for Auston Matthews, it holds up. Hasn't he been dominant in the last season?

Oh, you can always go with defenseman Cale Makar and be like, “That's not silly after all he achieved last winter and in the playoffs.” Yes, it is a choice that invites long reflection.

There are no wrong choices when analyzing the performances and actions of these four players.

And, to add to the discussion, one can always insert the name Leon Draisaitl.

Some will add: the kidin New York, Shesterkin, Igor of his first name, is he not the great architect of the rise of the Rangers among the good formations of the National League? Very fair.

And Vasilevskiy?

Oh, have we forgotten Andrei Vasilevskiy? Didn't the goalkeeper allow his team to reach the final for a third season in a row, even though his team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, had to deal with many players in poor condition?

Now why MacKinnon?

He lived up to the standards set by gifted youngsters in the NHL.

He won the Central Division title.

He won the Association de the West.

He won the Stanley Cup.

He wanted to become the highest paid player in the league, he won his bet.

In the association final, it was the big meeting. Mac versus Mc (McDavid). He settled the debate, at least for this season.  

MacKinnon is the highest earner on the circuit and he fully deserves it.

The image of the League

But that doesn't overshadow everything McDavid, Matthews, Makar, Draisaitl, Vasilevskiy have accomplished over the years. These players represent the image that the NHL has been showing for several years.

A young and dynamic league.

Exceptional players, influencers, impact players.

Young skaters enhancing the show in a unique way.

National League hockey has never been faster.


Of course, when it comes to putting together a top 50 list players on the circuit, all the arguments mean that we can have different choices, but choices that are just as justified.

We are talking about parity throughout the league.

This is because there have never been so many top players. There are now 50-goal scorers, versatile, tall and imposing athletes.

And goaltenders who continue the trend maintained by Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy and company. These goalkeepers who, while respecting the tradition established by the elders, have brought a new dimension to their sport through their style. 

Here is my top 50.

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