NHL : 28 players per team?

LNH : 28 joueurs par équipe?

The national hockey League (NHL) would allow its teams to have a training of 28 players, in addition to the guardians, during the recovery of its activities this summer.

This is what was the site sports The Athletic, on Saturday.

It should be however that this new measure will be discussed with the players Association during negotiations in view of phases 3 and 4 of its recovery plan.

On Monday, the NHL will begin its phase 2. This enables formations to reopen their training complex, so that the skaters can perform workouts in a small group.

The circuit Bettman would like to undertake its phase 3, which is the opening of training camps, 10 July. Phase 4 is the recovery of the matches.

Remember that the NHL and its players Association have agreed on a format of the resume directly in a playoff to 24 teams. The first four clubs in the standings of each association will play a tournament preparation, while the eight courses remaining will have to take part in a qualification round, which will be a series of a maximum of five clashes.

The Montreal canadiens (12th in the East) will take on the Pittsburgh Penguins (5th in the same association) during this step.

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