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NHL: Connor Bedard “treasure” hunt

NHL: The hunt for “treasure” Connor Bedard


“Wins are good, but up to a point, and losses are not good, but up to a point. In his mid-season report, Kent Hughes perfectly described the reality of the Canadian, a team in reconstruction. If there is a desire to win to build an identity and a culture, there is an equally great desire to get a top draft pick. Connor Bedard is not only Hughes' dream, he is a wish for many NHL GMs. Finishing in the bottom of the rankings will benefit the participants in this treasure hunt… We will follow it closely until the end of the season.


Probabilities of winning the lottery (%)

* All formations excluded from the playoffs participate in the lottery. However, a team cannot climb more than 10 ranks. Therefore, only teams that finish in the bottom 11 can hope to get their hands on Connor Bedard.

** The Canadiens also hold the Florida Panthers' first-round pick, acquired in the trade involving Ben Chiarot.


What made them wait this week… 


Undefeated in regular time in their last eight games (5-0-3), the Coyotes are going through their best moments of the season. A sequence that made Clayton Keller say, with a smirk: “I'm sure the CEO is not happy. » 


We are still waiting to see what path Patrick Kane will take. Since he has a no-move clause, the striker will have a say in where he goes next. The Rangers and the Maple Leafs having moved, we can cross them off the list. 


With four losses in a row, the Ducks are getting a little closer more of the last row. Scheduled games against the Hurricanes and Lightning later this week should help them sink a little deeper.


On Saturday, the Sharks began a seven-game home streak. Contrary to what one might think, this does not bode well for Erik Karlsson and his teammates. The Sharks have the league's worst home record (5-14-7).


The Habs experienced a return to reality by suffering two setbacks against the powers of the circuit. It won't be any rosier on Tuesday night in New Jersey. The Devils have suffered just two losses in regulation time in their last ten games (7-2-1). 

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