NHL: have the Islanders found the solution?

NHL: Have the Islanders found the solution?


Excluded from the playoffs last season, the New York Islanders hope that the arrival of a new head coach will breathe new life into their troops and forward Mathew Barzal places all his confidence en Lane Lambert.

He has the mandate to replace experienced instructor Barry Trotz, fired a few weeks after the end of the campaign. The New York team had appeared in two consecutive conference finals before settling for 37 wins in 2021-22.

Getting back on track will require everyone's input, but having Lambert around as an assistant for the past four years will be an advantage, Barzal says.

< p>“I think we all have a good relationship with him for that reason. He has all our respect inside the locker room and it is essential when a new driver arrives. So I think he will do a great job and, yes, it will be very good,” he predicted to NHL.com.

However, the forward player made a point of mentioning that he had nothing against his former mentor who took a year off. Still, he's not against the idea of ​​a change of the guard.

“Barry was very good, I don't have a single bad thing to say,” Barzal said. However, I think sometimes you need a new voice. You need a different face.”

The future

In addition, the 25-year-old skater will enjoy autonomy with compensation at summer of 2023 and would like to stay on Long Island. Speaking of which, the tone of his upcoming contract talks will speak volumes, except that he wants to focus on his job.

“I want to stay here, but of course it’s business. If we can find a fair solution that makes both parties happy, I'll sign tomorrow morning. […] For the time being, it is for us to go to the playoffs. This will be the key for us, because we believe that we are a team capable of going into the playoffs. Our structure is good and we have guys who can make a difference,” he said.