NHL players rush home

NHL players rush home

Fans in the various National Hockey League (NHL) markets may begin to rejoice or at least swim in optimism as several players who have played in Europe in recent weeks have decided to return home. over the past few days.

Although no agreement has been reached between the Bettman circuit and the union, some hockey players have taken to the city where they should normally play at this time of year. Indeed, due to the quarantine required by Canadian and American jurisdictions for travelers, skaters arriving in North America wish to complete their period of isolation as soon as possible in order to be available when the NHL training camps s. ‘will prime.

Thus, as the Sportsnet network recalled on its site Monday, some Swedish flagship of the Calgary Flames, namely Jacob Markstrom, Elias Lindholm and Joakim Nordstrom, returned together from their country of origin during the week. past. For the Toronto Maple Leafs, veteran Joe Thornton ended his stay with HC Davos in Switzerland and took a plane to Queen City on Monday. The day before, defenseman Rasmus Sandin had opted for a return to Ontario.

In the United States, Buffalo Sabers back Rasmus Dahlin posted a photo on his Instagram account showing him sitting at an airport with the message “Back home.”

When will the season start?

The NHL and the Players’ Association hope to come to an agreement leading to the start of the 2020-2021 campaign. Logically, there should be a delay of about a month between the official announcement and the first game of the season, since the quarantine imposed on hockey players coming from outside would require about two weeks and would precede the holding of the camps possibly planned. for a similar period.

However, some sources recently referred to January 3 as the start date for each team’s training, so the regular 56-game schedule would kick off 10 days later.

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