NHL : the cases of eight more

LNH : huit cas de plus

The national hockey League (NHL), has identified eight cases positive for the coronavirus since a week, she said Monday.

Through its weekly update, the circuit Bettman has stated that more than 600 players are introduced to the facilities of their respective teams to participate, on a voluntary basis in the second phase of its recovery plan. A total of 4934 tests for the detection of the COVID-19 were made and 30 hockey players have been declared positive. These are in addition to the 13 skaters who had received a diagnosis identical out of phase 2, which thus represents a sum of 43 athletes.

Last week, the NHL was in a state of 23 players confirmed positive and 12 prior cases for a total of 35.

The third phase, that of the drives organized by the training of the NHL, began on Monday.

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