Nick Kyrgios defeats Daniil Medvedev at the National Bank Open

Nick Kyrgios knocks out Daniil Medvedev at National Bank Open


We were treated to a final game before time, Wednesday afternoon, at the National Bank Open. Despite some mood swings, Nick Kyrgios overcame world No. 1 Daniil Medvedev in three sets in a packed stadium.

The Australian won 6-7 (2), 6-4 and 6-2 ahead of the Russian who was defending champion of the Canadian tournament. At the same time, he won three of his four career matchups against Medvedev. Few players on the ATP Tour can boast such a record. 

“It was a tough game,” Nick Kyrgios said. I jumped on the pitch with the idea that he was not the world number 1. We had faced each other three times before. 

“I knew he was confident. I wanted to deliver a style of match where he couldn't take his rhythm. I used the volley serve almost at all points. I served well and I was good back.

“I am very happy with the way I performed. It's only one game and this result will not allow me to reach the top 10.” 

As expected, we were treated to a high-level duel on the center. After a rather quiet start to the game, Medvedev and Kyrgios kicked the game into high gear in the closing points of the first set. One of the best in the world. 

The first racket in the world won the first set by showing more opportunism than its rival in the tiebreaker. He notably saved two set points during this sequence. 

Critical point

In the last games of the round, Kyrgios lost his concentration. We saw a few gestures of impatience on his part, but he contained himself. 

He took advantage of the break to find his bearings. The Australian knew very well that he was competitive in this game. 

“I had chances in the first set. I deserved to win it, Kyrgios said. I only did a reset. I looked at my team. 

“We remembered what we accomplished last week. We had a good week. It took some pressure off my shoulders. I thought I was going to have fun and try to hit more freely on my returns. 

“After my break, the wind changed sides from that point on.”

Thereafter, thanks to solid play, he was able to force a third inning. He was slightly superior to the Russian as he landed the right shots in key moments. 

Finally, the Australian was dominant during the final set by multiplying volley services and net attacks. At the end of the duel, the crowd jumped up to underline his performance.

Dose your energies

With a lot of tennis in the body over the past few weeks, Kyrgios has had a few sores. We saw him limp on a few occasions when he returned to his bench. 

“Like everyone else, I’m a little banged up,” he said. I don't feel at my peak. When I get up, I feel a little tired.

“I keep my warm-up sessions shorter. I try to dose my energies in order to have some for my matches. Having my athletic therapist full time with me makes a huge difference this season. 

“Last year due to the pandemic it was not possible to have him with me. I also have a positive attitude. My girlfriend keeps me in that mindset and so does my team.”