Nicky Doll (Drag Race France) decrypts the world of drag for us: “A drag queen is a superheroine”

Drag Race France, let's go! On June 25, France TV Slash will offer the French adaptation of the reality TV competition RuPaul's Drag Race, which is a hit on Netflix. Former candidate of the US version and host of the program, Nicky Doll takes us behind the scenes of the fabulous world of drag.

Run the engines! In this month of pride, Drag Race France arrives on French television to shine the spotlight on an art still unknown to the general public: drag. The principle of the show? 10 whimsical queens compete in legendary challenges to determine THE best drag queen in France.

Nicky Doll, program host alongside Daphne Bürki and Kiddy Smile, tell PRBK everything there is to know about the profession of drag queen: “A drag queen is a superheroine who creates you. Historically, they were men who did theater before women were allowed on stage. They dressed as women to play female roles“.

Every day, there is a new type of drag that is born

Couture, fashion, performance, singing, dancing, comedy… A drag queen touches on all areas. “< em>Until not so long ago in France, drag was considered a sexual vice when it really is an art” explains Karl alias Nicky Doll, who was inspired by the “Barb era” by Nicki Minaj (where she got her name from) and manga to create her character: “When I arrived in Paris, I had this need for the stage. By dressing as a woman for Pride 2009 in Paris, I realized that I was able to satisfy these needs to express myself, to show my femininity, my sensitivity.”

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However, be careful not to confuse drag and transformism! “The term drag queen is a bit the range that will bring together other microcosms such as transformism, it i.e. the incarnation of a celebrity that already exists like Cher, Liza Minelli, Lady Gaga or Madonna” explains Nicky Doll who, for his part, specifies that he is a “waking up man” who does not care about the pronouns used to address him. But there are also drag kings and drag trans queens, who practice their art as women. “Drag queen is not who I am but what I do” sums up the artist, who can sometimes take “until at 2:30 a.m.” to get ready!

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RuPaul, the drag queen

To understand everything about the drag universe, lip syncs and tuckings, go June 25 on Slash for the first season of Drag Race France, a program adapted from the RuPaul's Drag Race format launched in 2009 by the most famous and highest paid drag queen in the world (the seasons are available on Netflix). “RuPaul managed to democratize drag, to make it mainstream, the day he launched this competition. It normalized and humanized many profiles that were very little understood”. Because as Nicky Doll reminds us, “drag has always been political”. Yas, queen! ✨

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