Nicolas Aubé-Kubel: the haircut damaged in record time

Nicolas Aubé-Kubel: the haircut damaged in record time


Quebecer Nicolas Aubé-Kubel won the first Stanley Cup of his career on Sunday and, at the same time, he achieved another less glorious feat of arms by becoming the player with the faster damaged the holy grail of hockey. 

The Sorelois of the Avalanche was bringing the trophy for the traditional team photo on the ice when he slipped, bumping into his drops the bottom of the cup onto the ice at Amalie Arena in Tampa. 

The damage is light – a minor injury to the lower body, in hockey terms – but the images here show that the underside of the trophy, which weighs 34.5 lbs, is no longer as rounded as it was. as usual. 

“I think that's a record! kicked off cup keeper Phil Pritchard in a video posted on Twitter during the festivities. There were only five minutes elapsed in the introductions and this is happening. This is the first time it's happened on the ice. There is already a bump in the bottom. »

Not as bad as the Lightning

Judging by his crooked smile, the cup keeper, the man with blond hair and white gloves who has been bringing the precious trophy to the rink for years, didn't seem too upset about the turn. events. 

After all, Mr. Pritchard had a much worse time last year. During the very, very, very celebratory Lightning Parade on the Hillsborough River, forward Pat Maroon dropped the cup, the top bowl of which was dented.

Last year, Pat Maroon of the Lightning damaged the Stanley Cup when he tried to lift it while it was wet.

Maroon later denied having disrespected the emblem of hockey supremacy, stating that the trophy was wet and had slipped from his hands when he tried to lift it.&nbsp ; 

Ironically, the Stanley Cup had been sent to Montreal for repairs, just weeks after Canadiens fans saw the trophy slip away from the Lightning. 

Back in Montreal?

On Monday, it was not yet clear if the coveted object will have to be transported again to Montreal, to this repair shop which seems to want to be kept secret by the League.  

But Mr. Pritchard said he would talk to the Colorado organization “soon”. 

“We'll see how it's fixed,” he said. But there will definitely be a cup tour this summer. 

The Stanley Cup has had its share of minor and major injuries during its century-old history. 

It was thrown into the fire by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1962, then in a swimming pool at Mario Lemieux's, in 1991, during the first conquest of the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Besides, the trophy does not float. Guy Carbonneau also learned it the hard way two years later, when he was celebrating what would be the Canadian's last cup for a very long time. 

Nicolas Aubé-Kubel posed alongside his sister , Alex-Anne, with a dented Stanley Cup, Sunday, at Amalie Arena in Tampa. The young woman also wears a jacket in the colors of the Nordics.

With a wrench

It was also repaired by whatever means at hand – a wrench and a rag – by the future mayor of Hearst, Ontario , 20 years ago, recently told Radio-Canada. 

The trophy (rather fragile, obviously) had been dented after being dropped by Claude Larose on the ice of the recreation center which was to bear his name. 

At the time a city councillor, but also a body repairer by trade, Roger Sigouin volunteered to refurbish the hockey icon. What he would have succeeded in the greatest secrecy, since the story was only recently revealed. that the story was only recently revealed.