Nicolas Sarkozy, dinosaurs and traffic drama… the essential news in the region

Nicolas Sarkozy, dinosaurs and traffic drama... the essential news in the region

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They ran in memory of Olivia

#BÉZIERS – There was a lot of emotion this Sunday, in Béziers, at the start of the fourth edition of the Women's Race. Organized by the association Les Gaz’L ont du coeur, this 6 km solidarity run and walk on the banks of the Orb and the banks of the Canal du Midi, took place for the benefit of research medical and family of Olivia, a 9-year-old girl suffering from incurable brain cancer, who died a few days ago. "I’had planned to be there for Olivia, but I decided to give everything, like this little girl who fought to the end with courage", commented Sophie, the first woman to cross the finish line.

The  Cercle Mozart will welcome Nicolas Sarkozy

#HERAULT – The poster is once again prestigious! After Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, the Mozart Circle, which celebrated its 15th anniversary on March 7, will receive former President Nicolas Sarkozy on June 25. A meeting organized in the large hall of the Saint-Jean clinic, in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, privatized for the occasion. A nice move initiated by Lamine Gharbi, member of the Cercle Mozart and president of the Cap Santé group. In the coming weeks, the association will welcome the prefect François-Xavier Lauch, Édouard Philippe, Xavier Bertrand as well as Carole Delga. This will take place before the Federation of Mozart Circles, bringing together Montpellier, Sète, Nîmes, Béziers, Rodez and Aix-en Provence. Also on the program in 2024, the 5th edition of Sportissime (30,000 people in 2023) and the 2nd Mozart de la Réussite, in La Grande-Motte.

Contravention on the A68: two people killed

#HAUTE-GARONNE – The terrible accident took place in the early evening, Saturday March 9. A car going the wrong way collided with a vehicle on the A68, in Haute-Garonne. The results show two deaths, report our colleagues from La Dépêche du Midi. The tragedy occurred in the early evening, shortly after a retiree took the Albi – Toulouse route in the wrong direction. Facing the septuagenarian, a young motorist aged 23, who was driving in the overtaking lane. The shock occurred near the small town of Castelmaurou. Both drivers died instantly, during a particularly violent impact. Three other cars were hit in the accident, but fortunately the three people they were carrying were not injured. A little before the tragedy, several motorists reported the presence of the septuagenarian's vehicle on the edge of the town of Saint-Jean, three kilometers from the scene of the collision.

A fire in a garage destroys ten vehicles

#AVEYRON –A fire broke out during the night from Friday to Saturday in a car garage located in the village of Nayrac, in Aveyron. In this 350 m² building, ten vehicles were destroyed. Alerted around 2 a.m., the sixteen firefighters from the Estaing, Saint-Amans-des-Cots, Entraygues-sur-Truyère and Espalion emergency centers mobilized to this fire saved a residential house adjoining the garage from the flames. The causes of the disaster were still poorly identified on Sunday.

Today's figure: 12,000

#MENDE – It’s a big success for a first year. The Dinopedia park, opened in Mende on July 26, recorded 12,000 entries. Dinopedia, the second of its kind after La Grand-Combe, in Gard, exhibits the world of dinosaurs with reproductions of life-size, animated specimens. For its second season, from March 30, director Philippe Lopez promises surprises, such as the real-size reproduction of the footprints of dinosaurs that lived in Lozère.

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