Nicole Kidman – 52! TOP 5 movies with Oscar-winning actress

Nicole Kidman 20 June, celebrates his 52nd birthday

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Николь Кидман - 52! ТОП-5 фильмов с оскароносной актрисой

Nicole Kidman

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, who visited the premiere of the series “Big little lies”, today, June 20, celebrates his birthday. Nicole Kidman enchants with its beauty and talent. In addition, she became the first Australian actress who has received “Oscar” for best actress. We remember the best movies with the actress in their traditional selection.

“Days of thunder”

The debut of Kidman in a Hollywood movie. In the film she starred with her future husband Tom cruise. She got the role of a young girl-doctor Claire lewicki, he is a NASCAR race driver in the performance of the crews.

“Something worth dying for”

The satirical black Comedy of Gus van Sant. Nicole was in the role of presenter Susan stone Maretto, bent on a career and ready on the way to fame and public recognition to commit any crime, even murder. Kidman has received high praise from film critics, she was promised the nomination for the award “Oscar”. Along with it was played by Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris O’donnell, drew Barrymore.

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“Moulin Rouge!”

This was a real breakthrough in the career of the actress. Kidman played a courtesan named Satine. To get the amount needed for the transformation of the cabaret where she works, in a real musical theater, the terminally ill heroine Kidman should seduce a wealthy villain the Duke. The actress was nominated for “Oscar”.


Kidman played the role of the English writer Virginia Woolf. The film describes one day in the life of three women living in different times but are connected to each other through psychological novel Woolf “Mrs. Dalloway”. The film begins with scenes of suicide neurotic heroine Kidman. Nicole for this role, received the coveted “Oscar”.

“Cold mountain”

Kidman starred with Renee Zellweger and Jude law. She played Hell, who is madly in love with a poor carpenter (character low). Both drawn to each other, however, the war between the North and the South, separates them almost immediately after the first kiss. The film received seven nominations for “Oscar”. However, after this film the popularity of Kidman is a bit diminished.

We will remind, the Hollywood star returned to his former way – red hair with curls. The new image of Kidman noticed in new York for the filming of “Cancel” (The Undoing) – the upcoming mini-series HBO.

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