Nigeria: at least 29 dead, most of them children, in shipwreck

Nigeria: at least 29 dead, mostly children, in shipwreck

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Kano | At least 29 people died, most of them children, in the sinking of an overloaded boat Tuesday night in northern Nigeria, and thirteen others are still missing, local authorities said on Wednesday. & nbsp;

“We found 29 bodies between last night and this morning and saved 7 people. The search for the remaining 13 bodies is ongoing. Most of the victims are children between the ages of 8 and 15, ”Kano State Fire Department spokesman Saminu Abdullahi told AFP.

The sinking boat was overloaded, and could “only carry 12 people, but the skipper added a significant number of child passengers,” said the spokesperson. Or more than 35 additional people. & Nbsp;

The children were students of the Koranic school in the village of Badau and were on their way to attend a religious ceremony marking the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in the city from Bagwai across the river. & nbsp;

Last month, 7 girls drowned in their capsized boat in neighboring Jigawa state. & nbsp;

< p> Shipwrecks are frequent on rivers and streams in Nigeria. Overloading and lack of maintenance of boats, non-compliance with safety rules and bad weather are the main causes.

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