Night of fear: TOP horror movies on tonight

If you don’t know what horror movies to watch tonight – here’s a selection

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Today, 16:20

Mystical Friday the 13th this year fell on Sept. Traditionally, this evening I want to watch horror movies, thrillers and mysterious detectives.

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We have compiled a small list of movies that you can watch tonight on Friday the 13th.

“Jennifer’s Body”

American horror with black humor. The main role was played by Megan Fox. The beauty of Jennifer and tatty mouse Nidi in the school are very friendly. After they had been at a rock concert, Jennifer possesses something, and she begins to kill and devour their classmates. Nidi is trying to save her friend. All this against the backdrop of black humor and killer beauty Megan Fox.


Spouse Jamal hopson, losing a child, take on the adoption of orphan, Codd. Soon they notice that the house strange things are happening. The rooms of butterflies, it appears, their dead son. It turns out that while Codd’s sleeping, his dreams come to life. His nightmares have become a real challenge for the family.

“The last witch hunter”

“Here I come”

She’s young and beautiful bride is going through the worst night of his life, when a rich man’s family forces her to participate in the traditional “hide-and-seek” with deadly consequences.

We will remind, the actor Peter Capaldi, who played one of the Doctors the popular series “Doctor Who” will appear in the reboot of “suicide Squad”.

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