Nike x Dior, Prada x adidas… Why luxury brands and sportswear together ?

Nike x Dior, Prada x adidas... Pourquoi les marques de luxe et de sportswear collaborent ensemble ?

Nike x Dior, Prada x adidas… Why luxury brands and sportswear together ?

While a collab Nike x Dior could see the light of day and that Prada x adidas is a reality, we ask the question : why luxury brands and sportswear combine together ? It must be said that the trend of the street is at its peak and that the sneakers have replaced heels level hype.

Many specialized media as The Newspaper of the Luxury feel that a collaboration Nike x Dior will soon be announced. It could be a pair of Air Jordan 1 unique. This would not be so surprising that it, knowing that recently it is Prada x adidas , which has agitated the sphere of fashion with the unveiling of two boxes of sneakers adidas concealed in a bag Prada. The homes of luxury and sportswear brands are more and more numerous to join, as seen in LCS (Le Coq Sportif) x Guerlain, Vans x Marc Jacobs, Balmain and Puma, or even the unforgettable collab between Supreme and Louis Vuitton.

The universe street is getting closer to years in years of the highest level. Besides, Rihanna has signed with LVMH for his brand Fenty, Kanye West is scrolled to the New York Fashion Week with her collections Yeezy and Virgil Abloh (Off-White) has been appointed to head the artistic direction man of Louis Vuitton. But why should the luxury and sportswear are so good household ?

Because the sportswear has never been so trendy

Already, in the 1980’s and 1990’s, sneakers, tracksuits and equipment manufacturers athletes had the coast. But in recent years, this trend is totally confirmed. The sportswear was even invited on the catwalks of the biggest names in fashion, for small (and large) buttons with jackets XXL, the sweats, baby wear, or sneakers. In short, the idea is to dress in parts stylish and comfortable. Out the stilettos, long live the sneakers ! The guys are not the only ones to be able to make the looks street, the women also benefit from it. A tie dress that is good.

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Fighting the good fight. That’s what the new campaign for #PUMAxBALMAIN created with @caradelevingne is all about. Launches worldwide on November 21st. @olivier_rousteing @balmain @original_xerox @briannalcapozzi

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Because the stars show the example

If the trend is so strong, it is also because the celebrities are likely to adopt sporty outfits as well in the street, on social networks and on the red carpet. Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Sissy Mua… Models, influencers and other people are dressed in sportswear. Wear sneakers instead of heels on red carpet has become a hype. It is also why the sports have been replaced by stars in advertising campaigns of sports brands, such as Selena Gomez and Shay, who are the figureheads of Puma, Kylie Jenner and the streamer Ninja who are ambassadors of adidas but also Cardi B and Gal Gadot who are the faces of Reebok.

Because designers in sportswear are seen as Gods

Before, the kings of the mode were Coco Chanel, Gianni Versace, Yves Saint Laurent… Now, this is Virgil Abloh, who founded Off-White, Jeff and Alex (the creators of Tealer), James Jebbia (that Supreme) or Nigo (founder of BAPE) who are the new figures. Then, necessarily, these designers creations sportswear are the new Gods in terms of looks, the trends have moved towards outfits more casual.

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Because the stars themselves come out of collections street

The starisation of the street also passes by the personalities who imagine sportswear brands. When rappers become designers such as Orelsan for Avnier, Booba for DCNTD and NLP for IBD, it definitely gives clothing streetwear. Ditto for Will Smith who has released Bel-Air Athletics, inspired by the Prince of Bel-Air, or even Beyoncé, who created Ivy Park. And even when artists and brands are partnering for the collabs, it is still t-shirts (like those of a Girl x Angela), of hoodies and other clothes simple, basic looks like a certain rapper frenchy. To be clear, the clothes in which you feel comfortable are now the most stylish. And it is so much better.

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