Nikita Dobrynin and Dasha Kvitkova honestly told love for PR and*cmns on the project “the Bachelor”

Никита Добрынин и Даша Квиткова честно рассказали о любви ради пиара и с*ксе на проекте "Холостяк"

today, 20:42

Hero of the season 9 romantic reality “the Bachelor” on the STB Nikita Dobrynin responded to the provocative question about the project. This he together with Dasha Kvitkove said in an extensive interview for the YouTube program “ze Interview” which leads Anatoliy Anatolich.

Ex-bachelor for the first time decided to answer the question of whether sex on the project “the Bachelor.”

“I have long tried to avoid this question, but it’s time to tell. The project sex, project, there is the relationship, if wants to be a bachelor. If you do develop a relationship of trust with the girl, and you realize that all very seriously, it is a normal part of the development of your relationship. And sex can be. And he is,” – said Nikita.

Никита Добрынин и Даша Квиткова честно рассказали о любви ради пиара и с*ксе на проекте "Холостяк"

His fiancee, Christina, answered the question about whether PR is important for her at the parish for the project.

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“I can be attributed to these percentages of girls who came to the project advertized. But I’m not here because I wanted to “propiaritsya”, I wanted to get promoted, to get interesting experience. On the first night I wanted to believe in a fairy tale, a miracle of successful relationships after the project. But knowing past seasons – there’s no one, nothing failed, I don’t believe in it”, she confessed.

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We will remind, Nude bachelor Dobrynin showed how having fun with Kvitkove.

As reported Know. ua, Nikita Dobrynin told about intimate encounters, on the project “the Bachelor.”

Also Know As. ua wrote that the new “the Bachelor” came down from the sky and captured the hearts of Ukrainian women, photos of handsome.

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