Nikita Dobrynin told about intimate encounters, on the project “the Bachelor”

Никита Добрынин рассказал об интимных сближениях на проекте "Холостяк"

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So, ex-“Bachelor” Nikita Dobrynin debunked the myth of the popular TV show in an extensive interview for the YouTube program “ze Interview” which leads Anatoliy Anatolich. The star of the romantic reality for the first time answered, whether there is an intimate relationship between the hero program and girls, often because on dates they are alone in the appropriate location, circumstances, reports Clutch.

Никита Добрынин рассказал об интимных сближениях на проекте "Холостяк"

Nikita Dobrynin

“I’ve tried from this question to leave when I asked. The time has come. The project is sex, on the project’s relationship if it really wants the Bachelor. If you do develop a relationship of trust with the girl and you realize that all very seriously, I think this is a normal part of the development of your relationship. So sex can be and it is” – said Nikita Dobrynin.

The leader said that in the second half of the project the Bachelor is theoretically the chance to take advantage of this “advantage,” and to approach each of the girls.

“I think even with the first party, if you really wanted to. It’s possible,” said Nikita Dobrynin.

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Никита Добрынин рассказал об интимных сближениях на проекте "Холостяк"

Nikita Dobrynin

In addition, the Anatolich tried to find out about the experience of their predecessors Dobrynin.

“I have no idea. I was not interested in Chmerkovsky or Irakli, how often they had sex on the project “the Bachelor”, laughingly commented on Nikita Dobrynin.

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As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, the protagonist of the romantic reality “the Bachelor” was the 34-year-old pilot, owner of the flight school in USA Max Mikhailyuk.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Nikita Dobrynin showed funny scenes with his beloved, where they are posing in an interesting place.

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