Nikitiuk abroad have shown their true face, “Les, go home”

Никитюк за границей показала истинное лицо: "Леся, иди домой"

Lesya Nikityuk Of Politek

today, 21:50

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk, which works on New channel, loves to entertain followers pics in his Instagram. Now the beauty of resting in Prague, from where will post all the new photos, and this time was no exception – the star showed off photos from his Breakfast. And the fans were once again convinced that the presenter has a great sense of humor.

So, for the new photo of Lesja posing at a table in the restaurant for Breakfast. She is wearing a white sweatshirt with an interesting print, over which she put on a black coat. On star head clumsy tail right on top, and no makeup. In the hands of nikitiuk holding two glasses of beer, and before her on the table it is an unusual dish – soup in a loaf of bread. Fans of Lacy, of course, did not disregard such publication and began to actively discuss it in the comments.

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Никитюк за границей показала истинное лицо: "Леся, иди домой"

We will remind, Lesya Nikityuk a short dress of conquering his native city.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Lesya Nikityuk eclipsed Dubai bold way.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Lesya Nikityuk do what he likes in the airport.

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