Nikitiuk boasted perfect legs in Prague: “Les, you’re a sweetie”

Никитюк похвасталась идеальными ножками в Праге: "Леся, ты конфетка"

Lesya Nikityuk Instagram

today, 08:45

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk, who is now working on a New channel, loves to attract attention with bright posts in Instagram. This time the beauty bragged that he had been at the motor show in Prague and showed out photos. As you can see, Nikityuk posing in front of camera, sitting on the hood of a car. She also showed photos and video of the car, the presentation of which has been.

On social event Lesya came in a short light dress, which are written in English “dress”. While on her slim long legs curvy black boots that reach the thighs. Hair beauty disbanded, and on her face a light makeup. Fans adore the bright photos nikitiuk, and covered the star with compliments in the comments to the photo.

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We will remind, fun Lesya Nikityuk covered his naked body with the bun.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the chest nikitiuk almost fell out of dresses.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Lesya Nikityuk showed perfect body in Egypt, could outshine Cleopatra.

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