Nikitotek Square would go to South Wellington

Nikitotek Square will likely move to Wellington Street South on the same property as the Jean-Besré Center for the Performing Arts and the venue for a younger audience. At least the suggestion will be submitted to the Destination Sherbrooke Board of Directors and the City Council for a decision.
R call that the outdoor scene located at the confluence of the rivers Magog and Saint-François, at the mouth of the Rue des Abenakis, will have to move because of the reconstruction of the Grandes-Fourches bridge. The latter, rebuilt a little further to the west, would force the City to make major adjustments, such as the construction of a wall, to keep the place of diffusion in the same place. The scene would be misplaced for the summer season 2020.

“It seems like this place is preferred. The theater would be annexed to the distribution site to use the same infrastructures, both for the washrooms and the lodges, to optimize the use of the premises, “summarizes Caroline Gravel, Director of the Urban Infrastructure Department at the City of Sherbrooke.

“Certainly there would be a loss of parking compared to what is presently present, but it is claimed that with the revitalization project of Wellington Street South, we will be able to meet the demand. Otherwise, we have the option of parking on the other side of the Grandes-Fourches street. ”

At Destination Sherbrooke, General Manager Denis Bernier reports that the paramunicipal organization is still in discussion with the City to choose the ideal location. “I did not see an official resolution, but this site is one of those analyzed. For me, it remains a hypothesis. ”

Bernier nonetheless sees logistical advantages in creating a cultural hub at the corner of Wellington South and Depot Streets. “From the moment there is a desire to stay in the city center, this site is interesting. However, we must think about parking, storage, lodges and reception. It is not enough to move the theater. ”

The presence of residences nearby would not be a problem at first sight. “First, the noise complaints recorded in the past can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I’m not sure we would get any more, because water is a good vehicle for sound, and there were several comments from across the river. ”

Once elected officials have decided on the new site of the outdoor scene, it should also obtain the consent of the Government of Quebec, which had contributed financially to the construction of infrastructure. “It should not be complicated to receive in my opinion. The City has an agreement until 2022, an agreement that is associated with the development of the Magog River Gorge. So there is this step to take before formalizing everything, “adds Mr. Bernier.

The costs related to the move would be borne by the City, not by Destination Sherbrooke. The infrastructure was designed so that it could be dismantled and moved as needed.

The Nikitotek Square theater cost $ 1.8 million in 2010. It was part of a revitalization plan for the Magog River gorge, which was $ 6.6 million. The addition of a roof over the stands had cost $ 900,000, which must be repaid by Quebec Issime producer Robert Doré.

The new Grandes-Fourches Bridge is expected to open in 2020.

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