Nikolay Tishchenko is in the policy details

Restaurateur and TV host, will stand in deputies on the majority district

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Николай Тищенко идет в политику: подробности

Nikolay Tishchenko’s Deputy

Recently, many Ukrainian stars said about political ambitions. Known Ukrainian TV presenter and restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko, apparently, also intends to go into politics. Showman attended the Congress of the party “Servant of the people”, which took place on 9 June. According to media reports, Nikolay Tishchenko will stand in deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from the party “servant of the people” on the majority district.

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The restaurateur himself does not endorse and is not oprovergnet this information, however, on his page on Facebook is a census publications volunteer Andrey boyechko, who recommended the Nikolay Tishchenko “not to pay attention to the garbage”. The fact that after information about the political ambitions of the presenter in the press began discussing the alleged criminal past Nikolai Tishchenko.

In turn, Andrey boechko in his publication, writes that Nikolai Tishchenko has repeatedly helped Ukrainian soldiers and their families. The volunteer also noted that he was unaware of the criminal past Tishchenko, however, he remembers that was made by the restaurateur during the war.

“Yak zasnovnik order of people’s Hero of Ukraine, I patrimo you. If Bo mi in SERPs 14th formuale pers vantage to the front, T. priyshov to us I zaproponowa relief. Privsep us products, clothing, and medicamento.. I not once, and not for PR.. If Gruden 16th mi versile privtate parenting, batko yakih zaginul on Shod, from the Holy St. Nicholas, t not only pay for the tickets to patagi for the Rodin, that meshkayut pose Civam, but nakryv for males codovi svyatkovyy table, organza programu I myself became for them a Saint Mikola!”, writes boyechko.

Nikolay Tischenko shares a post to Facebook, however, does not comment on it.

Note, 47-year-old TV presenter married for the third time (wife Alla Baranovskaya) and has two sons.

Earlier we wrote that Nikolay Tishchenko spoke sharply about MARUV.

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Николай Тищенко идет в политику: подробности

Николай Тищенко идет в политику: подробности

Николай Тищенко идет в политику: подробности


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