Nikolay Tishchenko: “MARUV – not too desirable a person”

In Kiev was held the annual “Ball of flowers”

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Every year Ukrainian restaurateur, TV presenter Nikolay Tishchenko is organizing in Kiev the “Ball of flowers”. This year the event was held for the ninth time. At the party Tishchenko traditionally not only entertained the audience as a presenter, but also awarded the most successful women of Ukraine. There were thirteen nominations, and winners were chosen not experts, but ordinary people.

According to the results of the popular vote, the best presenter was Les nikitiuk, best social activist – Masha Efrosinina, a dancer of the year – Catherine Kuchar, designer – Catherine Silchenko, who at the time of award was at the Cannes film festival. Singer of the year called Nastya Kamenskih, but the ball artist came. Digami year was Nana Kumeyko, and mother of the year unexpectedly for itself became Lily Rebrik, which grows two daughters – Pauline and Diana.

Anastasia Kozhevnikova got a statuette for the top debut of the year. Winning singer celebrated with a performance on stage.

Ex-participant of group “via Gra”, which was the ward Konstantin Meladze Anastasia Kozhevnikova sang his first solo song, the video for which has already gathered more than half a million views. Kozhevnikova admitted that former producer has not responded to the release of her solo work, although she would have liked.

“Yes, I would like to hear him comment, why not, it is important to me his opinion, I’m in love with his work, as we all do, so of course, if he wants me to suggest something, I’ll gladly take this advice,” the singer says.

The headliner of the evening was also a former participant of “VIA gra” – Anna Sedokova, which confirmed the rumors about the new novel. Rare guest of the Kiev get-togethers gave a 45 minute live concert.

Николай Тищенко: "MARUV - не слишком желанная персона"

Anna Sedokova and Nikolay Tishchenko at the “Ball of flowers”

By the way, mother of many children admitted Tishchenko and his wife Alla in love. This despite the fact that several years ago the stars publicly quarreled because Nicholas was to call Anna a woman of easy virtue. Now they made up and now Tyshchenko claims that its activities Sedokova acts for free.

It was the dirt. Dirt is such that if someone saw, would work with me until the end of the world.

But journalists became known and another interesting detail: the first is Sedokova on stage was planned the speech a completely different artist MARUV.

“We realized that for such a solemn event MARUV not too desirable person. It should work in other institutions. Because MARUV is pink hair. And MARUV is a different culture,” says Tishchenko.

But the wife Tishchenko added that the cause of the quarrel was that really MARUV disappoint the organizers, much to their disappointment.

Николай Тищенко: "MARUV - не слишком желанная персона"

Nikolay Tishchenko and Alla Baranovskaya

“Generally, we she endured even the date of the event, because we always celebrate in April. We moved in may, but then something happened there she has some restrictions on some public concerts, I don’t know exactly what, but we didn’t even try to change something. If so the actor makes early in his career, then it is on the side of the artist” – confessed Alla Baranovskaya.

Note, next year we have the jubilee, tenth “Ball of flowers”.

Earlier we wrote that Sergey Pritula has published funny photo and fun MARUV.

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