Nikos disrespectful to Gavin James for a photo with the NMA 2019, Twitter, angry

Nikos irrespectueux envers Gavin James pour une photo aux NMA 2019, Twitter en colère

Nikos disrespectful to Gavin James for a photo with the NMA 2019, Twitter, angry

And badbuzz of the ceremony of the NMA 2019 is attributed to… Nikos, of course. No, it is not the wrong first name for Aya, but he showed himself to be disrespectful to Gavin James for a simple photo. The lose.

Good news for Nikos, he has not scraped the least name this year. Bad news for Nikos, he has still managed to be at the center of a mini badbuzz. Yes, from the start of the 21st ceremony of the NRJ Music Awards this Saturday, November 9, the host cult of TF1 is shown to be disrespectful against Gavin James.

Nikos snubs Gavin James, Twitter in anger

Don’t worry, it has not done so voluntarily, but his behavior has still been poorly understood by the public. While Nikos wanted to take a picture of a whole row of stars before him, he did not hesitate to ask the singer out of the field so as not to spoil his shot.

And he quickly clarified that it was a joke, the interpreter of the title ‘Always’ did not appreciate this gesture, as the Users on Twitter. You can discover below, many of them have criticized him and returned to its place after this sequence worthy of Unease TV.

Nikos apologize, Gavin smiles

Of notes that have probably been ski lifts during the ceremony, since he later apologized on Twitter by posting this time a picture of the artist. For his part, Gavin James has preferred to defuse any controversy by reassuring everyone on his Twitter account (see bottom of article). All is well in the best of all worlds ? We are reassured.

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