Nîmes hosts the 25th anniversary of the General Assembly of the fight against cancer

Nîmes hosts the 25th anniversary of the General Assembly of the fight against cancer

L’événement est organisé au musée de la Romanité. Midi Libre – M. A.

Une journée gratuite et ouverte à tous mercredi 24 avril, au musée de la Romanité, où les patients auront largement la parole.

This year, the League against Cancer is organizing the 25th anniversary of the States Generals of the fight against cancer, by giving a voice to sick people.

For the occasion, the National League Against Cancer chose four cities in France (Nîmes, Nice, Bordeaux and Paris). nbsp;The Gard Departmental Committee, which is also celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, is organizing the first meeting which will take place on Wednesday April 24, from 8 a.m. ;30 to 9 p.m., at the Musée de la Romanité.

For a whole day, patients and their loved ones will have the floor. There will also be round tables and the presentation of the innovative actions of the Gard committee, in the presence of the president of the National League. nbsp;against cancer Daniel Nizri.

A day open to all, to put patients at the heart of the fight against cancer! Registration for the event.

Why the Gard Departmental Committee?

The Gard Departmental Committee was selected for its dynamism and the innovation it demonstrates in its actions. Indeed, it is the first committee in terms of supported patients, at the national level, and the association which acts closest to patients in the department thanks to its twelve members. League spaces! Its teams have put in place numerous aids to support patients on a daily basis, as close as possible to their needs:

Unprecedented financial aid: tattoo, sexual life… Oncogite: groups and workshops to combat cognitive disorders after cancer, Financing of supportive care during and after treatment with individualized support Support system for returning to employment multiple professionals…

Download the event program

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