Nîmes Olympique: “I have a team that is better than last year,” says coach Adil Hermach

Nîmes Olympique: “I have a team that is better than last year,” says coach Adil Hermach

In post since the beginning of April, Adil Hermach has been confirmed. His players are delighted. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

National. Confirmed as coach of Nîmes Olympique, Adil Hermach is delighted with the start of the transfer window, even if gray areas remain. Before the Crocos resume training on Monday July 8, he takes stock for Midi Libre.

The staff and management

One was not meant to be there, one was at the end of his contract, and the other was less and less there. Adil Hermach, Sébastien Larcier and Rani Assaf will however constitute the strong axis of Nîmes Olympique 2024-2025. And a winning trio for the return to Ligue 2 ? We are still (very) far from it, even if the CEO of the Crocos, on vacation and therefore absent this Monday for the resumption, announced privately that the & rsquo;objective was to get involved in the fight for accession (the first two promoted, the 3rd from National barrage against the 16th from L2).

Will he provide the financial means for his ambitions? For the moment, it is reasonable to doubt it, the time being (still) for savings: two fewer physiotherapists (Messrs. Ratat and Guerrero) and an obligation to reduce the payroll (via departures) to continue recruitment. The arrival of an assistant coach (Giresse was not retained) and the question of the goalkeeper coach (Babikian wants to join Usaï in Pau, but NO demands compensation) are also on standby.

Workforce and recruitment

Unless there is a last minute change, transfer window requires, 26 players including five recruits (in bold) are called up this Monday: Dias, Cozzella, Masse (goalkeepers), Labonne, Sbaï, Diouf, Paviot, Mendy, Diallo, Beneddine (defenders ), Picouleau, Mexico, Akkal, Delpech, Lemaangr, Bouaoune, Doukansy (midfielders), Laurens, Khalid, El Hamri, Amara, Thoumin, Marcel, Camara, Mbina, Ngakoutou (attacking).

Paradowski would also have been there if he was not in the French U19 team, with a view to Euro 2024 (July 15-28). He does not know if he will compete: the final list will be announced soon. Then, NO hopes that its starting goalkeeper last season will sign a new amateur contract, before a first professional contract which he cannot, legally, initial in Nîmes before he turns 20 (in February 2025).

Otherwise, Labonne and Delpech (for a dry start), Laurens and Ngakoutou (ready) have an exit voucher. Doukansy wants to go to Sivasspor (Turkish D1) and could miss the restart.

Lamgahez and Khalid were to sign pro as soon as new departures were confirmed. It is still the case for the latter… but not for the former: tired of hoping for several weeks, the defender has gone to Le Mans for a 2-year + 1 contract.

Lemaangr and El Hamri, still amateurs and in demand elsewhere, are waiting. “They are without a contract, but they are here to live their dream. They have the Nîmes mentality, they identify with it. Bouaoune (21 years old, ex Valenciennes), he is an amateur but he has been living in Nîmes for several days already", praises their coach.

A coach very satisfied with the first four reinforcements (we will come back to this), "recruits who look like us. For me, I have a team that is better than last year. If it works well, we could be a surprise. We are ready on the wings in front. Now, after downsizing, we need a second striker, even if we already have a good one (Mbina). We are also looking for a goalkeeper (on loan); otherwise, we have one who made 10 clean sheets last season". In the meantime… get to work!

Behind the scenes of the Bastide

PROGRAMThe Crocos are summoned to 8 o'clock this Monday morning   la Bastide, for a first breakfast together. Two sessions are on the program for the day, one in the morning at the end of the day. behind closed doors, around 6 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. open to the public. The start of the week will also be rhythmic. by medical tests. The first of the eight planned friendly matches will be played on Tuesday July 16 against Toulon (N2, venue to be defined).

CALENDAR It should be published between Wednesday 17 and Friday 19 July, after validation before the BELFA (executive office of the Amateur Football League) which meets on the 16th The championship will begin a month later, Friday August 16.


BIRTH A new Crocodile is born; June 30: Malo, beautiful baby! weighing 3.5 kg for 52 cm, is the first child of Anne-Charlotte and Romain Collet-Gaudin, commentator of Crocos matches on France Bleu Gard Lozère in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, and author of “Stade des Costières, 36 years of memories” published by Editions Numéro 7. Congratulations to the happy parents!

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