Nîmes Olympique, the wheel of fortune

Nîmes Olympique, the wheel of fortune

Un match dans le match entre les gardiens nîmois Paradowski (ex ASNL, notre photo) et nancéien Sourzac (ex NO)/ Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Moribund at the end of 2023, Nîmes Olympique goes to Nancy as co-leader of the return phase, on behalf of the 23rd day of National (Friday March 1 at 7:30 p.m.). The tide and success have turned. Definitely ?

In life, there are things that can be explained, and others that cannot be explained. In football, it’s a bit the same. During the first 19 National matches, the Crocos had never scored after the 67th minute. During the last three days, they scored in the 82nd, 89th and 90th minutes of play…

Nîmes, last at the end of 2023, first at the beginning of 2024, with Niort 

Over the November-December period, Nîmes Olympique was the worst team in the division. The Gardois no longer put one crampon in front of the other and conceded goal after goal. Since mid-January and the start of the return phase, NO has been co-leader with Niort (11 points in five matches) and the best defense, with only one goal conceded.

The spiral and dynamics have reversed. Everything turned: the wheel, the wind, luck, success. Two examples: the Crocodiles first faced two decimated opponents (Rouen and Le Mans). Then Châteauroux gave them victory with an incredible own goal (89th), while hitting the posts twice at the end of the game.

Frédéric Bompard: "I'm going to stop talking about the six defeats, because that attracts the negative…"

When it doesn't want to, it doesn't want to. But when it wants… "Yes, the co-leader of the return phase is doing quite well. The morale of the troops is good, appreciates the coach Frédéric Bompard. After our six consecutive defeats in the league, we have just had three wins and two draws. But I'm going to stop talking about these six defeats, because that attracts the negative. We have found our trademark, defensive solidity, which should allow us to travel better. But be careful, we have no right to make mistakes: we cannot afford to relax, nor to lack rigor and humility. That said, we are going to go to Nancy to win. We have 27 points. Reaching the 30 mark quickly is psychologically important."

Trust, as long as it takes to lose

For maintenance. And for confidence which, as we know, takes as long to gain as it does quickly to lose. Today's opponent, "one of the three or four big guys in the National" according to coach Bompard, can attest to this.

Undefeated upon arriving at the Antonins in September, the Lorraines fell (0-1, 7th day) and took a long time to get back up: eight matches without success until Pablo Correa returned to the bench. Then six victories in a row! The wheel, of fortune or misfortune, can turn in both directions; so, be careful…

Behind the scenes of the Crocos: Bompard's choices and the black beast croco

The n&icir;mois group for Nancy: Paradowski, Ondoa (goalkeepers), Sbaï, Diouf, Mendy (cap) , Diallo, Burner, Paviot, Sacko, Picouleau, Mexico, Doukansy, Camara, Mbemba, Doucouré, Sané, Mbina.

The main absentees: Dias (l., knee), Cozzella (l., elbow), Sy (extended) , Delpech, Labonne, Laurens, Thoumin, Ngakoutou, Wade (choice of coach).

The black beast: N&imes is Nancy's black beast. The Lorraines have not beaten the Gardois for ten years (April 2014). NO remains on 5 wins and 4 draws against ASNL, including three consecutive wins against ASNL. Marcel-Picot: 3-1, 2-0 and the famous 4-3 in the middle of a comeback in 2016, with the party à the station on the way back.

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