Nîmes Olympique: those absent, those present, the new ones, finances, all the information on the resumption

Nîmes Olympique: those absent, those present, the new ones, finances, all the information on the resumption

The first four recruits from Nîmes Olympique: left back Mehdi Beneddine and defensive midfielder Salim Akkal (foreground), offensive players Abdelmalek Amara and Vincent Marcel. Midi Libre – Alexis Béthune

Nîmes Olympique: those absent, those present, the new ones, finances, all the information on the resumption

“Over the next six weeks, we will build our season,” recalled coach Adil Hermach on this day of resumption. Midi Free – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Nîmes Olympique: those absent, those present, the new ones, finances, all the information on the resumption

Le coach Adil Hermach a tenu à ce que Vincent Marcel et les Crocos touchent sans tarder le ballon, qui sera au centre de la préparation. Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Under the direction of their coach Adil Hermach, the Crocos began the first of their six weeks of preparation this Monday. Without Doukansy or Mbina but with the first four reinforcements of the summer transfer window. Sports director Sébastien Larcier is waiting to have freed up payroll to continue recruiting.

They went for a jog for about twenty minutes, no more. They did some core strengthening. Above all, they have already kicked the ball around, in the middle of the morning as well as in the late afternoon, that is Adil Hermach's wish.

“These six weeks of preparation, to put in place what I want, will most often involve the ball, hence the choice to play eight friendly matches”, explains the Nîmes coach, who says he “listens to his players" but still warns : “If I don't get what I want with the ball, I'll stop and we'll go running! Players have a choice”

“It's during this period that a season is built”

It was a day of recovery, this Monday July 8th at La Bastide from where the Crocos will not move – no training camp scheduled – and where their future will be played out. "It is during this period that a season is built, recalls Adil Hermach. I know very few players who miss their preparation and then have a good championship… As in a match, there will be more difficult moments than others, the important thing being not to overload the players with work who will have to be ready on August 16 (date of the first day of National, Editor's note)."

Twenty-six players present

Among the twenty-six Crocos present were the first four summer recruits, left-back Mehdi Beneddine, defensive midfielder Salim Akkal and attackers Vincent Marcel and Abdelmalek Amara.

Also present, elements of the reserve team: goalkeeper Clément Masse, the versatile Jérémy Iafrate, returning to the club after two seasons in Alès, midfielders Issam Bouaoune (Montlouis, N3), Abdallah Lemaangr & ndash; not sure if he’s left – and striker Selmane El Hamri.

The transfer of Doukansy stumbles over "payment terms"

On the other hand, point of Doukansy and Mbina, both under contract until June 2026. The transfer to Sivasspor (Turkish D1) of the first goal on "payment terms", specifies sports director Sébastien Larcier.

An offer to Moldova refused by Mbina

The second, who was entitled to two additional days of rest, since he had played overtime with the Gabonese selection, is also leaving. "He is courted", don't hide Sébastien Larcier. Nîmes had accepted an offer of 300,000 euros for the best crocodile director of the last financial year (8 goals). of FC Sheriff Tiraspol (Moldovan D1). Offer refused by the player. Negotiations with another foreign club are underway but the operation is "still far away" from being successful , according to the Croco technical director, not keen to retain an element capable of multiplying his net salary by five or six.

Nîmes Olympique: those absent, those present, the new ones, finances, all the information on the resumption

Stjepan Cvitkovic (assistant) and Jérémy Struffaldi (goalkeepers), the two new members of the technical staff. Midi Libre – Thierry Albenque

Two new additions to the technical staff

Thibault Giresse not preserved – he joined Usaï &agrav; Pau –, Nîmes has recruitedé an assistant coach. This is Stjepan Cvitkovic, 42, who coached the U19s of Dunkirk, the club where he completed his career in 2017. This former central defender, who has more than two hundred matches in the National (with Pacy, USLD and Beauvais), has played alongside the French. Sébastien Larcier &agrav; Dijon at the beginning of the 2000s.

Another movement in the technical staff. Goalkeeping coach, Anthony Babikian has resigned from his post. his contract, which ran until June 2026, to find Usaï &agrav; Pau (L2) where ù he signed A permanent position. This is J&rémy Struffaldi, à the origin of the arrival of Paradowski and who officiated with the reserves, who will replace him.

Need to release payroll

These two sales, which could bring in 800 000 €, as well as the departures (permanent or on loan) of Ngakoutou ("He's been asked quite a bit but he hasn't followed through"), Laurens, Labonne and Delpech, Sébastien Larcier needs it to "free up payroll and thus be able to recruit and have a balanced and competitive team".

Due to lack of finances, Nîmes saw Zakary Lamgahez slip away. Appearing three times last season, the 21-year-old central defender, tired of waiting, finally signed his first professional contract at Le Mans (N). Attacking midfielder Marowane Khalid agrees to sign his contract (one year) but  "I am blocked for the moment by the payroll" , repeats Larcier.

"Happy with the current squad and the mentality of the players recruited", the Croco sports director remains aware that "adjustments are necessary to properly appear". He hopes to be able to finalize the arrival of a central attacker (two if Mbina leaves) and a central defender to compensate for the loss of Lamgahez.

The 26 Crocos present: Dias, Masse, Cozzella, Ichalalen (at the end of his contract in Beaucaire, summoned to participate in the recovery); Sbaï, Labonne, Diouf, Mendy, Paviot, Diallo, Beneddine, Iafrate – Delpech, Picouleau, Mexico, Akkal, Bouaoune, Lemaangr; Khalid, Marcel, Thoumin, Camara, Laurens, Ngakoutou, Amara, El Hamri.

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