Nina Dobrev dresses as Mary infiltrates for Halloween

Nina Dobrev se déguise en Marie S'infiltre pour Halloween

Nina Dobrev dresses as Mary infiltrates

One would have already found the costume to Halloween the more WTF this year ? Nina Dobrev has had the surprising idea of dressing up as Mary infiltrates that invaded the Chanel show, less than two months after it was ejected from the parade by Gigi Hadid, who is his friend Lane Cheek was disguised.

Each year, Halloween has the right to his share of disguises and unusual, sometimes even controversy. After the Kim Kardashian attacked, the handmaid sex to The Handmaid”s Tale, the girl botoxée or even Aaliyah, what will there be right this year ? Far from any controversy, some people have played the card of humor. If Jessica Biel chose to dress like Justin Timberlake of the 90’s, while he was a member of NSYNC, Nina Dobrev has decided to surf on the buzz recent : that of Marie infiltrates.

Nina Dobrev dressed up as Mary infiltrates for Halloween

After being disguised as Catrina, homage to the Day of the Dead, to celebrate mexican, and then in Victoria Beckham last year, Nina Dobrev has decided to become an evening of the youtubeuse who is encrusted in one of the parades of the Fashion Week. Remember, it was during the finale of the Chanel spring-summer 2020 at the Grand Palais in Paris, Marie infiltrates rode incognito on the podium and parade with the models, before being ejected by Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid is ready to eject it from the Fashion Week

It is, therefore, wearing a tailor in tweed, and wearing a hat, evoking the classic look of the French house as the actress of The Vampire Diaries posed for Halloween. She even goes so far as to imitate his gestures ! At her side, her friend Lane Cheek appears behind her, his hand on his shoulder, disguised as Gigi Hadid jaded and angry, ready to eject it. Disguises pretty well found that the main stakeholder was necessarily validated !

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