Nina Dobrev single, she would be separated from her boyfriend Grant Mellon

Nina Dobrev célibataire, elle serait séparée de son mec Grant Mellon

Nina Dobrev célib, she would be separated from her boyfriend Grant Mellon

This lasted less than a year. While Nina Dobrev has never confirmed her relationship with Grant Mellon in spite of the photos of their kisses, it would be now single. A break that the actress would have decided to forget about spending all of his time with his friends to cheer you up.

Nina Dobrev would be again single

Disguised as Mary Infiltrates for Halloween, Nina Dobrev never loses an opportunity to make people laugh its subscribers. But the star of The Vampire Diaries would not be at the top of his form in this moment, despite his broad smiles and his jokes. After being separated from Ian Somerhalder or still of Glen Powell, the actress would have this time broken with Grant Mellon. A source confides to the site People that “the relationship had run its course” and that this rupture “it is hard for her”.

New failed relationship to Nina Dobrev, who had been in a relationship with the developer in February 2019, without to confirm their relationship. Again, the BFF of the dancer Julianne Hough would be so single. A heart to take, who would not be so far down.

“They don’t spend time together”

A source said to E! News that Nina Dobrev has”not spoken of rupture”. However, they would not have seen for several weeks : “Nina has not led to events for over a month and she has not mentioned a Grant”. “She made the party and see friends without him. He shot a movie to a Netflix near Los Angeles, and they don’t spend time together. Nina seems to go well, but none of his friends had seen or talked to Grant” is also indicated.

Taking advantage of his celibacy, the heroine of the series Fam “has not spoken to Grant since several weeks. She seems happy and out a lot recently, with friends, without a Grant”. Between eating a pint of ice cream in front of a romantic comedy and partying with his buddies, she has apparently chosen the second option as a therapy to recover from his separation.

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