Nine years of prison for stealing the vehicles of seniors

Neuf ans de taule pour avoir volé les véhicules d’aînés

A car thief recidivist, which targeted older driver only has been sentenced Wednesday to a heavy penalty of nine years in the penitentiary, for three of the victims in 24 hours.

“One of the victims was hit in the face, she was frightened, she believed that she will not see her again ever, its children and its grandchildren “, explained to the court the Crown prosecutor, Patrick Lafrenière, Wednesday at the palais de justice of Montreal.

Ryan Pinel, 36 years old, is a car thief who has already been sentenced to six years imprisonment in the past.

But, because of his substance abuse problems, he has come back in order to buy drugs.

In the car

The accused has made his first victim on January 15, 2019.

A man in his seventies had gone to the shopping centre Rockland, Montreal, to buy a coffee, and Pinel followed him to the parking lot, for hit to the head.

He then stole the car… with the elder still inside.

“He has led 15 minutes before removing the victim and take flight, to then abandon the vehicle,” said Crown, adding that during the journey, Pinel had stolen $ 600 to the elder.

Then, the next day, Pinel took on a man who was returning to his work, but without success.

At the grocery store

And just after it has targeted a sexagenarian who went to the grocery store.

“The accused knocked at the window and the woman, believing that he was going to ask for something, opened the window,” explained the prosecutor.

Ensued a scramble, but fortunately, the call to help the woman have been heard, since two people came to rescue him.

Pinel has managed to steal the vehicle, to then go home in a tree. And when he saw that one of the good samaritans and the chased, he realized.

Happy to be arrested

“He was glad to be arrested,” said the defence lawyer, Guillaume Langlois, then, that his client plead guilty to kidnapping, theft, assault and dangerous driving.

Pinel has been sentenced to nine years in prison, followed by a driving prohibition of one year after his release.

And he swears that once out, we do the there will resume more.

“My actions were cowardly, he told the court. These people were surely still afraid to walk in the street, and more. I would have had to think about it, I’m sorry. “

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