Ninho : his concert took place, the boycott missed fans of Bassem mocked on Twitter

Ninho : son concert a bien eu lieu, le boycott raté des fans de Bassem moqué sur Twitter

Ninho : collateral victims of the fighting between Sadek and Bassem ? His concert in Lyon boycotted by fans of the YouTubeur

Since that Sadek had been attacked by Bassem Braiki, many supporters of the latter wanted to block the concert Ninho in Lyon. The rapper is a friend of the perpetrator, with whom he has already made guest appearances. It is, therefore, in spite of himself as the interpreter of “Paris is magic” ended up as collateral victims of this history of beating. But while several internet users called for a boycott of the show (a blockade that was even in TT France), finally, the concert went without a problem.

Ninho lies at the heart of the fighting between Sadek and Bassem

The rapper Sadek has beaten the YouTubeur Bassem Braiki video, images broadcasted in the night of Monday 10 to Tuesday 11 February 2020. Following this assault, a survey of fragrance has been opened. While Sadek said that he was going to “pay for it”, her friend Ninho seems to be a collateral victims of this battle. In effect, the interpreter of The life that one leads is performed in concert at the Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon, on Thursday 13 February 2020. And several people have called to block the show.

The supporters of Bassem were so many want to boycott the concert Ninho that the rapper has even been found in TT France on Twitter. A way for multiple subscribers of Bassem Braiki to support it, saw that the artist of 23 years is close to Sadek, with whom he had worked in featuring on the securities Madre Mia, Never and It is too much. For them, prevent the concert from taking place would have allowed them to take revenge. Except that Ninho there is nothing in the history, as several other users have pointed out.

The concert took place

While the brother of Bassem Braiki has given positive news, such as what “his condition is no longer critical, the plans of many fans of the YouTubeur has not been achieved. In front of the hall of lyon, only a few people were present to do blocking and the concert Ninho has indeed taken place. On Twitter, the majority of internet users have made fun of this boycott missed, explaining, inter alia, that the blockade waiting was not really an.

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