Nintendo Switch will receive the highest quality IGZO display

In the near future models of the Nintendo Switch will use IGZO displays from Sharp

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Today, 16:19

Приставка Nintendo Switch получит сверхкачественный IGZO дисплей

Nintendo Switch in the near future will have better screen from Sharp

Was recently announced Nintendo Lite Switch, but with her, the Japanese company released and improved the original version of the console with more energy efficient processor that will consume less battery power. According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, this is not the last modification Nintendo Switch, and in the future, the Japanese manufacturer will release a few more models of popular gaming consoles.

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It is alleged that Nintendo has big plans for the further upgrade of the line Switch to extend the life cycle of the platform. “CEO of Nintendo of Shuntaro Furukawa said that the company is working on new equipment for Switch”, – writes the edition.

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Wall Street Journal also confirmed that the next model will Switch to use displays from Sharp IGZO (based on indium, gallium and zinc oxide), the main feature of which is high resolution, low power consumption and durability. As Engadget notes, these screens meet in the 8K TVs from Sharp and its Aquos smartphones.

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There is no information yet about when will be new model Nintendo Switch to IGZO displays. In September the market will be Nintendo Lite Switch with a 720p 5.5-inch screen, which is smaller than the original 6.2-inch in the conventional model. Also “Lite” version will have several limitations that negate all the advantages of a hybrid portable gaming consoles: removable JoyCon’s and connect to the TV. But the cost of the compact version will drop to $ 199.

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Приставка Nintendo Switch получит сверхкачественный IGZO дисплей

Приставка Nintendo Switch получит сверхкачественный IGZO дисплей

Приставка Nintendo Switch получит сверхкачественный IGZO дисплей


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