Niska (New School) and Shay: fans laugh at their sexual tension, even the rapper is fed up

It was on June 9, 2022 that Netflix posted the first episodes of the musical show New School, which puts many rappers in competition, judged by SCH, but also Niska and Shay. However, it is not for their opinions that the performers of the title Liquide are talked about today, but for the sexual tension that surrounds them on the set.

A rap show that fascinates Netflix subscribers

While the TF1 group prepares a return of Star Academy(yes, again) and The Voice continues to fascinate the public, Netflix has just released Nouvelle Ecole, its own music show. The principle ? 24 rappers unearthed in Paris, Marseille and Brussels compete in various events including battles and freestyles under the eyes of a very special jury made up of Niska, SCH and Shay. The goal? Replace Booba who retired and walk away with €100,000.

A new program that already ignites all fans of the genre – especially since Nouvelle Ecole can count on the cameos of many rap stars such as Dinos, Jul, Fianso or even Ninho, even if this n It is not necessarily the performances of the various candidates that excite them the most. On the contrary, it was another very special detail that caught the attention of subscribers during the first four episodes broadcast on June 9, 2022.

Niska's fascination with Shay mocked by internet users

It's no secret that Niska and Shay have shared a certain history since 2019, when they collaborated together on the title Liquid present on “Antidote”, the singer's album. A rather cool featuring, which had not left Niska indifferent at the time. A few months after this duet, he had on the contrary taken advantage of the sound Lundi to declare, “I had the atrocious bar during the clip with Shay”.

Also, as some fans of spottedNew School, Niska obviously enjoyed her reunion with the artist on the set of the show in 2022. The rapper appeared on screen several times making eyes at him, talking to him and support his words, even if it means leaving SCH aside at times. An unlikely situation that logically amused Internet users, who were quick to come out with their best jokes to make fun of the situation.

Tweets that make Niska laugh

Well, we reassure you, if rappers sometimes take themselves a little too seriously, these jokes make Niska laugh a lot. /em>” At the same time, between these innocent jokes or the muscular pointing out that he got eaten by Shay during an interview with Rap Plume, “You said crazy things to yourself. (… ) Did you forget or what? Did you hear what you said in your last album?“, we understand that he prefers to keep smiling here.