Niska takes us to Los Angeles in the clip of “Building”

Niska takes us to Los Angeles in the clip of “Building”

After Monday and Monday and The Area has been undermined, Niska pulls out today’s clip of the Building, the third extract from his album “Mr. Sal”, which continues to hit. In the video, the rapper from Evry takes us to Los Angeles where he spends good time with his crew while adjusting his accounts with those who have “denigrated”.

After the box of “Commando” (600.000 sales, oklm), Niska is back with his third album “Mr Sal”. The program ? 18 unreleased songs which From Monday to Monday, The Area is mined and the feats with Booba (Medicine), Koba LaD (“All flow”), Heuss bastard (“Moula”), Ninho (“Villain”) and Skaodi (“Manu le coq”) : “With ‘Mr. Sal’, I wanted to get closer to my core audience. I’ve tried to make the thing a little more street, but without that it attacks when you listen to it, “said the rapper in an interview with PRBK. A successful wager !

“They have denigrated this is the p*tain of truth”

To continue the promo of “Mr. Sal”, Niska pulls out the clip of Building in which he takes us on a journey to Los Angeles to immerse ourselves in a universe that is bling-bling with his team : head-to-head with his girlfriend, luxury cars, crocodile as a pet, a small pause in a basket, hamburger in gold thread with sequins, the interpreter of Networks gets its life in California !

Side piece, the artist from Evry, looks back on his past life in the neighborhood, and settles accounts with those who have underestimated : “They have denigrated this is the fucking truth / Gang, then I light up my weed in the building, I smoke my dope / Don’t play the big guys, you’ll have to shoot nicely, and you’ll be dead/ You will not do it for me, it takes not for feelings (feelings) / To the kids, I am going to insult politely, kounia manmanw.

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